About The Beatenbos!

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Charlie & Linda

TIME LINE.....Over 60 Years Of Gospel Music & Ministry

1960-1972 ~ Part Of Family Singing Group With Mom and Dad

1972-1981 ~ Musician With Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters

1982-1990 ~ Family Singing Group, The Charlie Beatenbo Singers

1991-Today ~ Music and Preaching Ministry, White Harvest Ministries

Charlie Beatenbo was born in Concord, NC. Linda Forrester was born in New Orleans, LA. Charlie moved to Atlanta, GA at the age of 7 and Linda moved to Atlanta, GA as a baby. Their destiny came together in September 1968 at a church singing. Charlie met Linda and asked her for a date, and it was love at first sight (at least for Charlie). They dated through the fall and winter, then married June 21, 1969. They made their home in the Atlanta area. Charlie became employed in the insurance business while traveling part time in Gospel music.

Charlie was traveling with his mom and dad in their family singing group, and Linda joined the group shortly before their marriage. In 1972, Donna Lynn Beatenbo was born and at the age of 4 weeks Charlie joined Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters as a musician traveling full time for the next ten years. The Sunliters had already made many music milestones, winning numerous awards. In this period of time Charlie performed well over 1,500 personal appearances with them touring throughout the US. More awards were presented to the group including gold records and Grammy awards. This was an enjoyable time being able to make a career of Gospel music and learning a great deal about recording and the music business.......during this time Linda was church pianist at their home church.

In 1981 Charlie decided it was time to leave The Sunliters. In 1982, the Charlie Beatenbo Singers were formed with brother Virgil and later his wife Becky traveling as a family group until the end of 1987. Donna started singing with mom and dad, traveling until 1990.

The late 80's were constant changing years. After some success as a singing group with a top 40 record and touring full time, this was still not the call that God had for Charlie's life. After a restless and undecided few years, the Charlie Beatenbo Singers stopped in 1990. Hearing the Lord clearly in the latter part of 1990, the call to preach the Word of God started a full time ministry in April of 1991. Knowing that the music and singing was a gift to be used for the glory of God, the preaching of the Word was to take priority to be in the will of God.

Since April of 1991 Charlie and Linda have traveled full time in evangelistic and music ministry. In 1993 Donna married Daniel Alwine from Shrewsbury, PA. They have two sons, Drew born August 1997 and Dylan born September 2000. They reside in NC.

The Lord has spoken on many occasions about the work that He had called us to do, and we are experiencing more everyday God's plan for our lives. The last 35 years have seen some trials and heartaches as well as many good times and victories, but always God's faithfulness has made us stronger in the Lord. Today we are experiencing a great outpouring of his blessings as we continue to grow in the Lord.

We desire to please God and to be and do exactly as He wills, giving glory and honor, lifting up the Name of Jesus

To God be the glory!!